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The Executive Work ReBalance Mentor:

 Developing Balanced Leaders and Quality Flexible Jobs 

Join me in celebrating this year's National Work Life Week (3 - 7 October).
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Are you an aspiring or established leader seeking better work-life balance? You're likely to be a professional woman with high potential. You've invested time and energy in developing your career. And now you're struggling to balance it with your caring commitments. Before you throw in the towel, resign and look for a more manageable alternative consider working with me. On my Balanced Leader Programme you'll discover how to continue with that challenging career and still have a more balanced life.

Our lives should drive our work - not the other way round.

Become a Balanced Leader

If you're an ambitious woman keen to progress your career in a more balanced way I'd like to invite you to join me on the Balanced Leader Programme. Together we will transform your current role into a Quality Flexible Job. You will develop the skills to become a Balanced Leader and pioneer a new approach to climbing the corporate ladder while leading a more balanced life.

This is a unique leadership programme whose value lies in acknowledging the struggles for balance in our lives. It's based on more than twenty years experience of corporate work-life balance issues and focuses on developing leadership skills that enable us to maintain better balance as our careers progress.

Learn more about the Balanced Leader Programme here.

Alternatively you may want to work with me on a one to one basis - allowing us to focus more specifically on your challenges in a shorter period of time. In which case you can learn about my coaching/mentoring programme - Balanced Leader Bespoke - here.

I also work with employers to increase their numbers of talented women at middle and senior management levels. Together we develop new flexible working opportunities to meet the work-life balance challenges that compromise so many women's careers. To learn more take a look at my consultancy work or join my masterclass on how to create Quality Flexible Jobs.

Developing Quality Flexible Jobs

Recent research defined a Quality Job as one which pays at least £19,500 per year. Currently only six per cent of such jobs are advertised on a flexible basis and the number drops sharply as seniority increases. Which means employers may be missing out on the skills of almost two million highly qualified workers unable to work standard hours.

If your organisation offers Quality Flexible Jobs

  • You will attract more of those highly qualified candidates currently trapped in flexible work below their skills level.
  • You will keep more of your high potential women in the Boardroom pipeline.
  • You will support better work-life balance; and all the benefits it brings in employee wellbeing, engagement and loyalty.

Would your organisation benefit from extending the number of Quality Flexible Jobs? If so, I would like to invite you to participate in my highly practical one day Masterclass. You will leave with tools, techniques and a clear strategy for increasing the number of Quality Flexible Jobs and for attracting and evaluating candidates for these. Find out more here.

If you're ready to rebalance work this year, I would like to work with you. Please get in touch and let's explore the possibilities.


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